Network for Fish Quality Management & Sustainable Fishing
(A society under MPEDA, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)
Encourage people's participation in fisheries management   |   Keep fishing harbours tidy   |   Ban destructive fishing practices   |   Use selective fishing gears   |   Avoid overfishing   |   Enhance fish stock using artificial reefs and Fish Aggregating Devices   |   Minimize post harvest losses   |   Ensure safety and health of fishers   |   Protect fish habitats   |   Protect our marine ecosystems   |   Avoid pollution of fish habitat   |   Maintain the quality of fish by proper icing
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Welcome to NETFISH

Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing (NETFISH) is a registered society formed under the aegis of Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) with a view to imparting knowledge to fishermen/ fisherwomen/ processing workers, technicians, etc. in fish quality management, conservation of fish resources as well as sustainable fishing. read more


State-level Workshops on the ‘Refinement of Marine Fisheries Management’

updated on:2020-01-22

Time has come that every marine states has to take concrete measures to control the fishing pressure exerted in our seas. The Government of Kerala has amended the Kerala Marine Fisheries Regulation Ac...

On-Board Fishing Trials for the Popularization of Square Mesh Cod Ends in Trawls

updated on:2020-01-22

Considering the need for improving trawl selectivity to ensure sustainability in marine fisheries sector of India, NETFISH–MPEDA popularize square mesh cod ends as an effective measure to reduce...


updated on:2020-01-22

Workers of Chettuva fishing harbour in Trissur district, Kerala have taken up an idea of a common dress code at their work place which was implemented in association with NETFISH-MPEDA. The dress code...